Are there unmet sensory needs in your classroom?
1 in 6 children have sensory processing differences that impact their learning and enjoyment of school

We can train and support your staff to support all students’ unique sensory profiles, for improved educational outcomes and a better school experience for students.

  • High-quality training and ongoing support from HCPC registered therapists qualified in sensory integration
  • Learn to create educational environments and curriculums that support all students' unique sensory profiles
  • Deployable at both the universal and targeted levels of support
What is included with a Sensory Inclusive Schools package?

We are here to support you support your students.

  • On-Demand Online Learning: Bite-sized videos by therapists explaining sensory processing principles and practical sensory strategies that work in schools.

  • Online Community of Learning: Share queries and breakthroughs with peers in a therapist-moderated online forum. Accessible 24/7. Therapist response guaranteed within 3 working days.

  • Live Peer Support Online Sessions: Join these live video calls, led by a therapist, for support and information on how to embed your learning into your classroom. Weekly during term time.

  • Downloadable Resources: Access our downloadable resources for use within your school. Collaborate with our sensory integration qualified therapists to develop additional resources as needed.

  • BONUS: Your Sensory Insights Video, from an Occupational Therapist and Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner, summarises and expands learning from the comments and questions in the online community of learning and peer support sessions. This will ensure learning remains current and tailored to the needs of the Sensory Inclusive School Community.

  • Bespoke packages of learning and support for Teaching Assistants and Teachers; SENCos and Specialist Teachers; and Professionals supporting schools.

Understanding Sensory-Based Behaviour in the Classroom

Free Guide on Sensory-Based Behaviour in the Classroom

Ever felt frustrated by not understanding a student's behaviour? Download this free guide for schools.

Creating a Skilled Workforce Confident in Supporting Sensory Needs
Delivering Improved Educational Outcomes

Students with sensory integration and processing differences face barriers to accessing the early years and school curriculums. They risk reduced educational attainment, school refusal,poor emotional well-being and school placement breakdown.

  • By understanding a student's unique sensory profile, staff can make environmental adaptations, adapt tasks and support with appropriate sensory strategies to remove these barriers.
  • This will improve educational outcomes and the overall well-being of students.
  • Our priority is to help children stay in class, learn alongside their peers and have a happy educational experience.

PC-Free Access Via the SIS App

No need to fire up the desktop computer, all of the Sensory Inclusive Schools learning and support is available on our app.

Post questions on your community of learning forum, participate in the live peer support online sessions and access on-demand training and resources seamlessly from your phone or tablet.
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Fantastic Resource!


"I was looking for some training in this area and thankfully I came across this fantastic webinar. It was incredibly informative and I loved that it didn't just tell me about SI and what it is, it made it really clear how it looks in the classroom and, more importantly, ideas for how we can make changes in school to support children with SI needs."

Although I have worked over 20 years..


Although I have worked over 20 years with SEN children, it does make you reflect on what we do. Thank you and I have already spoken to colleagues about how good this was.

Helped me gain insight


I have learnt that some children need support with managing how they cope with processing sensory input and that sometimes we may need to help them to integrate into the programme by offering modifications to the room or how we structure the day. This course has taught me how I can provide this within my classroom.

Delivered by Sensory Integration Education

Our mission is that all schools have a skilled workforce able to identify and support students' sensory needs at the earliest opportunity, contributing to successful educational outcomes. Sensory Inclusive Schools is a service from Sensory Integration Education - the gold-standard trainer in sensory integration qualifications for 30 years. We are a not-for-profit UK-based organisation.

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